Astrology Sessions with Astrologer Danielle Presser

As your astrologer I will shine a light on who you are. I will work with you to reveal your inner blockages and your natural strengths. You become more conscious and live your life according to your blueprint.

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About Astrology

The term astrology is Greek and means “star interpretation”. Astrology is the divination of the influences of the planets and stars on humans and the world.
An astrologer is a translator of the language of the bodies in our solar system.

Astrology is a centuries-old science

It is the study of planets and stars in motion. Their relationships to each other and their influence on us. Astrology shows ways of implementing people’s potential in a constructive and fulfilling way. An astrologer uses the knowledge of the patterns in the sky to help someone find meaning in life. Astrology can show you your inner riches in a differentiated way.

Astrology is an incredible tool of self-discovery

The horoscope shows the positions of the planets at a specific time and place. The stars and planets have always inspired a sense of wonder. Diverse cultures look at the divine face of the universe. There is a cosmic dance on the grand scale, and one on the intimate scale, going on for each of us.

The Horoscope

If life seems like a series of meaningless events, an astrologer can be a help to give clarity. The birth chart is a map of the psyche. As a guide to understanding the Self, it never stops revealing new layers of insight. You become more conscious and live your life according to your blueprint.

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Natal Chart

Become aware of yourself through the interpretation of your natal chart.
Your natal chart reveals your;

  • personality,
  • potential,
  • spiritual path,
  • life challenges,
  • present and future influences.

You are part of a higher power. The Natal chart shows the energies of your belonging. It shows the fullness of your qualities on a mental and emotional level. As your astrologer, I can help you reveal this potential.

To book a birth chart consultation, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your date and place of birth
  • The exact time you were born.
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Transits to your Natal Chart

The planets do not remain where they were in the moment of your birth. Instead of being still they move on in their orbits. This further movement creates new connections to the planets in your birth chart. Transits is the term used to describe this process.

Transits can help us understand the situation we are in.

The interpretation of the transits is one of the oldest astrological forecasting methods. They tell you which stages in life are particularly important at a certain time. Transits of the heavenly bodies tell you about;

  • opportunities,
  • health,
  • moods
  • and states of mind.

They describe development cycles, learning experiences, crises and phases of stability and happiness.

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Progressions show the inner conditions of development. They do not relate to outer events; they deal only with the subjective state of a person. The development on a soul level. We use progressions to make more conscious decisions about our path in life. Progressions help us grasp the necessary inner development steps. If we know these, we can also define our external goals with more confidence.

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Solar Return

A solar return horoscope reflects the theme of a year in life. Every year when the sun returns to its original birth position in the zodiac a new blueprint is set. As your astrologer I can guide you on your solar return horoscope. A solar return is a tool to help you assess and predict the themes that will arise for you during your next year. 

Lunar Return

A lunar return deals with the development of the moon element in people. Like the sun returns to its birth position every year, so does the moon once a month. As your astrologer I can guide you on your lunar return horoscope. I use the lunar return chart for timing combined with the solar return and to look at the themes for the given month.

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A synastry chart shows the relationship between two or more people. How they resonate or affect each other. An astrologer can use a synastry chart to interpret relationships. I will explore the character and dynamic of the relationship.

You can learn about the differences or complementary qualities between people. It is an insightful tool to see where the connection or tension is. It works for romantic partners, between father or mother and child. In business such horoscopes can help to see whether the new employee would fit into the team.

Synastry Chart reading Astrology Ireland Danielle Presser


Astrocartography is a tool of astrology. It enables mapping how your natal chart corresponds to different locations on earth. Each planet represents their energy on the world globe. At your time of birth, a snapshot of the sky is energetically imprinted on our planet, unique only to you.

In astrocartography, lines on top of a map show where a planet in your horoscope influences your life. It reveals how you live the energies in a certain place with the planet involved. You can experience more love, power, strength, drive, restriction, fear, determination or uniqueness. I have used locational astrology to help people find the best place to live in their given situation.

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Chart Embodiment

During an embodiment session you will work with your horoscope. We reflect your chart on the floor. The chart can be a natal chart, solar return, lunar return, etc. As your astrologer I will help you understand your chart. Then I will guide you embodying and integrating the energies of your horoscope.

You will focus on every planet and the luminaries in their elements, houses and aspects to each other. You will move through an intense healing journey, understanding your blueprint of incarnation. You strengthen your qualities by transforming the energies within relationships, family and other areas of life. You change negative patterns into higher, positive vibrations. You will live a more satisfying, purposeful, healed life.

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Book Astrology with Danielle

To book a consultation or embodiment with astrologer Danielle Presser please fill in the form or phone:
(+353) 087-6533742
Consultations in person, Zoom, Skype or phone.
Consultation: €100 Chart Embodiment: €150