Danielle Presser

Danielle Presser Holistic Centre massage therapist astrologer

Meet Danielle

I am Danielle, a Holistic practitioner and Astrologer. I was born in Holland and raised in Switzerland, where I studied holistic therapies. I have qualifications in Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine. I am a Past Life/Regression Therapist, Bach Flower Therapist and Reiki Master. I furthered my studies in Astrology at The Blue Rose School for Astrology in Ireland. I also facilitate Meditation Classes and Moon Circles.

In addition to my holistic practices, I have also had a health shop and organic food store. There I started to share my knowledge and conduct workshops. I am passionate about helping people on their healing journey. I love to create a nurturing space for personal growth. I want to empower people to live a more balanced and fulfilled life. I aim to help people make positive changes for their well-being. Join me on your transformative journey towards wellness and self-discovery. Together, we can create a space for healing, growth, and connection.

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