Welcome to my transformative retreats. I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Join me for a weekend escape or a week-long immersion. These holistic retreats will nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I am offering a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices.

At my retreats, I work with a team of esteemed guest teachers. We are all passionate about holistic well-being. Together, we host a diverse range of workshops and experiences.

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Our retreats focus on different topics including:

➺ Meditation,
➺ Natural Remedies,
➺ Feng Shui,
➺ Reiki,
➺ Rahanni,
➺ Colour Therapy,
➺  Mindfullness,
➺ Past Life Therapy,
➺ Astrology,
➺ Women’s circles,
➺ Moon Rituals,
➺ Yoga,
➺ Embodiments

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The retreats offer a variety of workshops and teachings

They provide helpful guidance and practical tools to support you on your journey. You will deepen your understanding of yourself through assisted sessions and immersive experiences. During your stay at my nurturing retreats, I help you cultivate a sense of inner peace and clarity. I will allow you to connect with your inner self and tap into your innate healing abilities. The retreats will be a time for personal growth and transformation. I create a safe environment that supports your healing throughout the retreat.

During the retreats, we foster a sense of community.

You will form connections with other participants. Group discussions, sharing circles, and communal activities create an environment of support. Individuals can learn from one another’s experiences. From there they build meaningful connections. This sense of community helps to foster a deeper sense of belonging on your spiritual path. At my retreats you’ll find a supportive network.

You will form new relationships and make lifelong friendships. Together, we create an environment of shared growth and exploration. Participants uplift and inspire one another. Share the desire to create balance, harmony, and happiness in your life!

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Our retreat locations are beautiful

This serene beauty will help you to reconnect with nature. My retreats offer a space for

  • self-care,
  • self-discovery,
  • self-empowerment,
  • relaxation,
  • healing,
  • personal growth.

Step into this transformative journey. Unlock your true potential for a life of wellness, joy and fulfilment.

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Upcoming Holistic Retreats:


Join me on a transformative journey, together with kindred spirits. Come and experience the magic both in Ireland and overseas in Europe. Allow yourself the gift of self-care, reflection, and transformation. Immerse yourself in the energies and vibrations that resonate with your unique essence.

Have you observed recently that you are seeking tranquillity, a more profound self-connection, fresh perspectives, and the ability to overcome negative beliefs?

Do you sense a desire to expand, establish connections, and progress within a secure setting while engaging with individuals who share similar goals?

Do you find that, even during your relaxation and personal time, you have a desire to engage in self-improvement activities rather than simply relaxing?

By embarking on a retreat with me, you are making a choice that is all about self-care and personal growth.
Change occurs when you venture beyond your comfort zone, release the attachments in your life, and embrace a unique environment, providing ample room for self-discovery.
By joining me and my wonderful team on a retreat, you are making a conscious decision to place your well-being and personal growth at the forefront.

You resonate with the following points:

➺ You are seeking an incredible journey where everything is taken care of, ensuring you can fully unwind.

➺ You have recognized the need for personal growth and development.

➺ You desire fresh insights within a secure and spacious environment that allows you to be your authentic self.

➺ You are eager to form meaningful connections with a wonderful group of women, fostering deep and genuine relationships.

➺ As a busy woman, you often juggle multiple responsibilities and prioritize others, sometimes neglecting your own needs.

➺ You are feeling thoroughly exhausted and believe that acquiring new tools for self-care is essential.

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What you can expect from our retreats:

➺ Personalized Care:

We design our retreats with a strong focus on personal attention and nurturing support, creating a space where you can thrive.

➺ Personal Support:

We provide guidance and assistance during both group sessions and individual one-on-one interactions.

➺ Detailed Organization:

We carefully plan and execute every aspect of each retreat to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

➺ Meditation and Beyond:

In addition to meditation, astrology embodiments, yoga, and other sessions, you will have free time to enjoy and savour the area we stay in, relax with a book by the pool, or explore the stunning beach.

➺ Culinary Delights:

Depending on the type of retreat you choose, our private chef will treat you to delicious meals, ensuring a truly indulgent experience.

Upcoming retreats 2024 in Ireland, Holland, and Spain!

I am excited to share my planned retreats with you. I will continue to add them here as soon as they are fully formed and ready to book. For now please explore the retreat options below and enquire today if you wish to book.

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Join me on a transformative journey, together with kindred spirits. Come and experience the magic both in Ireland and overseas in Europe. Allow yourself the gift of self-care, reflection, and transformation. Immerse yourself in the energies and vibrations that resonate with your unique essence.

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